Isometric Virtual Table Top Guide

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I’m starting this landing page to collect isometric guides and assets in one place. Hi! I’m AZATHOUGHT and I love hacking/making isometric art for my online D&D games. It all started when I converted a Tomb of Annihilation jungle crawl to isometric and my table had a magical moment fighting off a Zombie T-Rex rather than fleeing from it. The players used the vertical terrain! This moment cemented my love of isometric play, and I’m not sure I could go back to traditional “top down” online play.

catching the isometric bug
October 2018 - defending and isometric temple from a dinosaur big enough to use the vertical terrain!

My tools and techniques have changed over the years and at some point I started making videos to answer questions from others on how I was making my game look this way. Use this page as a reference for tips, tricks, and assets if you you too want to play tabletop online using isometric art.

Azathought Isometric Content Releases

I have decided not to start a Patreon. I don’t want my hobby turning into an obligation, so I’ve decided to post links to my content packs here for free:

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Isometric in Foundry VTT

Method 1: without special modules, run your grid in a Hex Columns Odd 74 px format. This lines up with a 64 px isometric grid.

Method 2: for full isometric grid support check out the grape_juice-isometics plugin which is currently in early access available through this patreon

Find full settings for maps imported into Foundry VTT in Content pack 1.

Isometric in Roll20

I find Roll20 works the best running in “gridless” mode and moving your tokens freely. Find my settings for maps imported into Roll20 in Content pack 1. Measurements will be approximate, but Roll20 handles gridless well.

Isomteric tips Youtube playlists and key videos

Older Blog Posts

Where to get more isometric content

There are many artists making isometric assets of diverse styles and levels of detail. Here is a big list of active creators you might want to check out: