Switching Back to Blogging

Switching Back to Blogging

Sep 16, 2017    

Unless you make a conscious effort, you too have a public web presence. Aside from having a work-related tech blog, I’ve existed for the last twelve years on platforms provided by large social media providers. The encroaching impact on one’s identity when self-expression is gated by sharing and privacy settings of Livejournal, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and others is slow and hard to see; however, twelve years later the effect is noticeable.

I severely reduced my input on network sites in 2017 to take a break from the echo chamber. This blog is an effort to find my voice. Being able to be myself on the web is an extreme privilege and something pretty easy to abuse. My goal is to adhere to the following here:

  • Keep it positive
  • Have pride in the things I create and share
  • Have a better sense of what belongs on the web, and what should remain in the real world (aka fleshspace)

I am going to spend the next few weeks slowly draining my old blog, which was hosted on Tumblr, of content. For those interested, this is a Jekyll blog hosted on Github Pages. I’m using artemsheludko’s felxible-jekyll template.