Social Distancing Week 1

Social Distancing Week 1

Mar 21, 2020    

A quick journal of Week 1 from the Social Distancing zone of Washington DC.

Supporting Local Business

My Crossfit box has gone pure virtual and is posting home workouts, videos of instructions, and is even holding live classes over Zoom. We don’t have anywhere near as much equipment at home, but even body weight exercises in my back parking pad are fun. Except for the neighbor’s window cat who keeps judging me.

It took a week but every gaming store in the DMV finally acquiesed to closing down their open table space for gaming. I dropped by my local store where I was running Adventurer’s League D&D to buys some stuff to hopefully help them out.

open sign
I hope my FLGS appreciates it.

My local neighborhood bar is doing pick up and delivery. My partner and I walked over and grabbed “the usual.”

food from my local place
The 'usual' from was comfort food comfort in stressful times

Work From Home Tech

I have had more conversations about Zoom in the past week than I ever expected. The service has been rock solid for me, which is a testament to how ready they must have been for a usage spike. All kudos to the Zoom site reliability engineering team. That’s a massive accomplishment.

The reality of 8 weeks on Zoom tipped me over into buying a new Elgato green screen and wifi controlled key lights. I think my brand loyalty for Elgato now almost rivals that of Logitech in my work from home “battlestation” setup.

When it is time to Chill-in-place

Virtual backdrop in Zoom is currently a helicopter ride overlooking hudson bay, which is my ultimate anti-claustrophobia memory.

chill photo
Looking north at Hudson Bay from Churchill, Manitoba. My chill place.

Synthwave is my new work from home jam.