Azathought’s Open Table

A rabbit warrior of the post-apocalypse
A rabbit warrior of the post-apocalypse

Current Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Crawl Classics

Our game is a gonzo, old-school mashup of TMNT and the excellent post-apocalypse adventure RPG: Mutant Crawl Classics. Can your character survive among mutants, insane AI, super-science artifacts, evil ninja clans, neolithic humans, and sentient plants? Play to find out!

  • Genre: Post-apocalypse Weird Science Fantasy, Stone Age super science, ninjas & pizza delivery
  • Play Style: Gonzo OSR, sandbox, ultra-violent retro silliness
  • Elements of play: exploration, post-apocalypse survival, randomized characters
  • System and Level: Mutant Crawl Classics, starting with a zero-level funnel

Home-brew rules: TMNCC Book.pdf

What is an Open Table?

  • All are welcome - but seats per game are limited
  • Inclusive and respectful - following the community code of conduct of the shop
  • To start, we’ll seat the game on a “first come, first served” basis.

When’s the next game

  • TBD

Discord & Full Campaign Wiki

The password for the private wiki is on a private Discord server which we use for communication. Come to one of our games in person and I’ll get you a link to my Discord server.

current map
current hex exploration map