Open table was a bust

Open table was a bust

Apr 18, 2024    

I’m proud of myself for posting a test run of an OSR game at my local shop. I advertised on a few discord groups. I respectfully did not spam the D&D or Pathfinder channels at the shop. Sadly, I got no takers and had to pack up the game and go home. I have seen this happen to board game demo runners and GMs at conventions, and it is likely a right of passage for people trying to start a new community thing.

At the local shop, people were coming to play drop-in D&D. I saw three or four people who were not regulars arrive and bee line to a D&D table. Others were coming to play in long running weekly games with a consistent GM, which is awesome! I saw a table of 9 players who arrived early to secure a seat at a GM’s table and clearly enjoyed each other’s company.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, still … I learned things. I’ll likely need to find other places like or reddit to recruit players if this is something I really want to do, as the game I ran did not naturally attract players.

I’ll find a way to run a non-convention and non-one shot OSR game at some point. This likely just wasn’t the right way to do it.