Isometric Pack 4: Lava Monastery

Isometric Pack 4: Lava Monastery

Mar 09, 2021    

[Download] Pack 4: Lava Monastery


  • Lava pier map
  • Monastery exterior map
  • Monastery interior map - with all detal
  • Monastery interior map - with props removed
  • Isolated props for the interior map
  • Androsphinx token - sculpt by mz4250
  • Ctenmiir token, a coffin with robot legs - very useful for LLOK


This pack is my take on the Monastery of the Distressed Body from D&D adventure: Lost Laboratory of Kwalish (LLOK). D&D Beyond link. In the adventure this is a floating space ship or somthing, but since my game has already had a crashed space ship, I reskinned it to be a strange temple on an island in the middle of a lava cavern inside a volcano.

Sphinx guarding entrance
A Sphinx guards the entrance
The lava temple
The lava monastery, with Multi Level Token teleporters from Foundry VTT. Heroforge cultists not included in the pack
Temple Interior
Temple interior, tokens not included

Also included with the pack is a token option for Ctenmiir, the robotic coffin.

Ctenmiir isometric token
Ctenmiir isometric token

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Attributions - This pack contains content from others with linked licenese, including :

  • Androsphinx model is by mz4250
  • Skull pillar Candle Holder is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by AgentPothead
  • D&D Cathedral Railing is CC BY-SA 3.0 by Firestryfe
  • Fantasy Throne is CC0 1.0 by bendasie
  • Adventurer’s Camp - Tents are CC BY 4.0 by ecaroth