Isometric Pack 3: Whirlpool Castle

Isometric Pack 3: Whirlpool Castle

Feb 11, 2021    

[Download] Pack 3: Whirlpool Castle


  • Animated map 1k resolution (28 MB webm)
  • Still map 2k resolution (2.7 MB jpg)
  • Adult White Dragon token rotated 4 ways
  • Adult White Dragon token flying
  • Adult White Dragon token sleeping
  • Animated spell effect - ice-cone (2.3 MB webm)


This pack is an alternate finale from Dragon of Icespire Peak, which is the module inside the D&D 5e Essentials Kit boxed set. In the standard module the players may have a final showdown with Cryovain the white dragon on a mountain top fortress. In my underwater and pirate-themed game, I relocated Cryovain’s lair to a fortress on an earthmote hovering over a whirlpool into an infitine abyss. This is meant as an epic boss battle, so I spent a bunch of time modelling, texturing the castle. The water simulation turned out pretty well.

ice cone
Ice Cone

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