Dungeon23 Challenge - Ancient Entrance

Dungeon23 Challenge - Ancient Entrance

Feb 20, 2023    

Sean McCoy, author of sci-fi rpg “Mothership” started a daily journalling challenge called Dungeon23. The idea is that you draw one 7-room dungeon each week and write the text of each room once a day. After a year, you have a 365 room megadungeon journal.

Within minutes of learning about this challenge, I pulled an empty Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook off the shelp and got going. I’m starting a month and a half late, and I’ll likely be going a big quicker than one room a day as I catch up.

For me, this exercices will be an excuse to

  • rehydrate some analog art skills after an entire pandemic of digital art.
  • draw dungeon rooms that fit into various OSR games I’m researching, maybe I can explore my own style through inspiration from other artists and writer’s work?
Dungeon23 inside cover
Inside cover with prompt sheet.
Dungeon23 zone to zone map
Page two has a week to week map showing how each weekly map connects. I've already started the second week.shhh...
Anvient Entrance
First map, an ancient etnrance with some minis that could be encountered.

For the first week I went for my default style, a mix of top down Dyson Logos and isometric elements.

Anvient Entrance text
This will be spelling challenge as much as a writing challenge.

Let’s see where this goes.