Star Wars Rebels - Spark of Truth Infographic

Star Wars Rebels - Spark of Truth Infographic

Oct 07, 2014    

One of the strengths of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was how, by having more than one named female character that speaks to the other about something other than a man, the cartoon was the first Star Wars property to pass the Bechdel test with flying colors. The new Star Wars cartoon series that premiered this week is the first indication of whether or not Disney will continue this trend. The two female characters, Sabine (9 o’clock) and Hera (3 o’clock), exchange dialog 4 times. One of the conversations is actually substantial and not about one of the male characters.

Hera - ::while flying space ship:: “Calculations complete but we need an opening”

Sabine - “Found one” ::shoots down a TIE Fighter::

bechdel be proud